Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Dark Horse (The Tower Journal, Spring 2013)

See the dark horse stand tall
Against the plain, unsuspecting horizon;
See its strange and singular beauty,
A silhouette it knows it cannot hide.

This is the dark horse that will start to buck
Just when you were sure you broke it,
Right after you’d been sitting pretty—
Cool, calm, and high--
On its back for the longest time!
The dark horse that will come up
From way, way behind—Surprise!
And run on by, with determined mind,
To the head of the line!

Because just as sometimes
You have to almost die in order to survive,
Sometimes you have to see yourself
Totally lose and be left behind
Before you have the fight to win                                                                                        

This is the dark horse you’ll never
Be able to predict, bewitch, or own—
Because its soul is totally in control;
This horse is me—this horse is many.

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