Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Women in Combat

Most women cannot even open a new, sealed jelly jar without assistance, so what are women doing in combat? Recently, national news reported that most female US Marines cannot do the minimum 3 chin ups, even without their equipment back packs on; failing to have the strength to do a chin up represents failing to pull yourself or your comrades out of a ditch or ravine. Women are lowering crucial combat effectiveness. In hand to hand combat, or any extended ground combat, the army with fewer women or no women will be the one that wins.

While it may be true that some women have excelled in flying fighter planes, this feat requires mainly hand eye coordination skills that differ vastly from the brute strength,  physical stamina and endurance needed for infantry ground combat. In addition, women in every branch of the US Military have been subjected to cowardly sexual assaults by their own fellow American soldiers, even in peace time. If their own comrades are so unadvanced as a human species as to sexually violate them for kicks and fun, what will the enemy male soldiers do to these female soldiers when they fall behind enemy lines?  We have already seen in the news how Indian and Middle Eastern men frequently rape women with such force--often employing foreign objects in the violations-- that the victim women die or become comatose. Soldiers from these geographic areas will be no less gentle to female soldiers in captivity.

To wit, in addition to lowering the combat strength of their fellow troops, women in the military can   trust neither their own comrades nor the enemy not to violate them sexually, often with the very real consequences  of fatal injuries. Women's presence in the military is a mistake, as they frequently incur serious injuries to their body, psyche, and combat morale via being  raped, as well as causing a deleterious effect on combat readiness by nature of their inferior physical strength. No one wins by having women in the armed forces:  it is a lose/lose situation.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Myself at my wedding, offering the Eucharistic wine; my family at wedding/reception

                                                        My mother bustling my dress
                                        Offering Communion wine to my Aunt Nancy
                                                          Talking to my Grandmom
                                           My maternal Grandmom Anne and Aunt Nancy

Friday, January 17, 2014

"Ist dies etwa der Tod?" ( translated: Is this perhaps death?)

This is the last line of Im Abendrot, (at sunset), the fourth of  Richard Strauss'  Vier Letzte Lieder, or Four Last Songs. It is also a good metaphor for what I see happening around me.

My Scots-Irish ancestors arrived in the US in 1847,and my German family arrived in 1852, yet I am no longer proud of being American . America is run by Satanists. God strengthen anyone who opposes Satan.  I feel something like what Jesus felt, with everyone disowning  me.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stille (www.loomofdreams.com)

Gänse schwimmen nach.
Winter-Wasser klarste blau.
Heilige Stille.


Geese are swimming by.
Winter water clearest blue.
In sacred stillness.

by Catharine Otto