Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Tragic Deaths of Americans Robin Williams and Michael Brown

Both deaths are tragedies that grieve me. Both deaths have been followed by inexcusable behavior, such as sadistic Twitter users taunting Williams' daughter with graphic forensic photos, and brutally defensive police responding to peaceful protests over Brown's death with full military armaments and tear gas.

When will this world ever become more just and less insane? When Jesus comes again.

This is the time

This is when I have to walk by faith, even when I cannot see. Unfortunately, what I can see of the immediate future, both mine and the world's, only makes it more scary.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Another Carmina Burana day

Another day in which I need to listen to the whole Carmina Burana to get my angst out. My pit bull is starting to like it too, lol.

Beautiful music to either listen to or sing with.

Someone Complained about My Wearing a Cross

To that I have to say, I AM A CHRISTIAN, I was BAPTIZED Christian, I WILL DIE CHRISTIAN.

Yesterday I saw an Eagle

 I heard it first, making a high pitch cry that sounded like, " Ky--rie! Ky--rie!" When I looked up, there it was in all its majesty, soaring in a zigzag pattern down through the sky--from a cloud so high it seemed to touch the sun-- barely flapping its wings as it rode on the air. Eventually it flew towards a small patch of woods, then landed on the ground, perhaps to seize its prey.

A profound sight, a gift.