Saturday, June 27, 2015

Christianity is Under Attack from All Sides

Christianity is under attack from both the left and the right, with yesterday's Supreme Court decision to force legal gay marriage on the states, and on the same sad day the three IS attacks aound the world, one of which killed 39 people--most of them Westerners and some of them children-- on a beach in Tunisia. Both liberalism and radical Islam are threats to Christianity today, very real threats. These are sad and dangerous times in which to live, with the New World Order manifesting itself in many forms, all of which are threats to Christianity.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bruce Jenner is Still a Man

I couldn't rightly call anyone who still has a penis and testicles between his legs a  woman, no matter how many dresses he wears, no matter what silicone implants he puts under his chest. Even if he eventually completely emasculates himself, he will always carry the male pattern XY chromosomes in his DNA. He will never be a true woman.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Why Does the Taliban Feel Justified in Killing Children?

Today members of the Taliban killed close to 100 children in a Pakistani school. What twisted facet of any religion could excuse the wanton slaughter of so many children? Real Islam does not condone the killing of children, from my understanding. Ironically, most of these children were likely Islamic themselves. Therefore the Taliban is not interested in religion or God, but in the cruel use of power.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

No Christian Church Should Allow Non-Christian Worship under its Roof

I was gravely disappointed to learn that on November 14th, the National Cathedral allowed a Muslim only worship service to take place. This is blasphemy to Jesus and the cross. Since when do Muslim mosques allow us in to pray to Jesus? The Episcopal church should not become the namby pamby, stands for nothing version of Christianity, but it is in danger of becoming so. This Muslim service should not have happened.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Endless Middle Eastern Killing: Peter Kassig and Jerusalem Synagogue Victims

Only yesterday American Peter Kassig was executed by the world's ideological and religious bully/ brat pack, Islamic State. Now today four Israeli worshippers at a synogogue were killed by two Palestinians. Hamas has praised this barbaric and sacrilegious attack, even if the attackers were not members of Hamas.

Where does this leave the Middle East, and the Holy Land in particular? Jews want to drive Palestinians out of "their land" even by crushing Palestinian houses without compensation, making people homeless, and Palestinians rightly feel outrage. Both sides kill each other. But now IS just wants to kill everyone and has surpassed Hamas and Israel as dangers.

If IS seizes Turkey, which they are perilously close to doing, then they will be just a hair's breath from Europe, something the West cannot afford. Imagine IS in London or Berlin, only an ocean away from us. This is the real threat no one speaks of.

The US needs to put ground troops to stop IS. Our air strikes are simply not cutting it. The Middle East will always be a land of hatred and killing, but at least we can stop IS from coming into the West, and perhaps destroy them entirely.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

On Simon Rattle Conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra

On Simon Rattle Conducting
Brahms’ Symphony no.4

Moving his hands as if culling the sounds from the air-- with care--
He coaxes the music with minimal shapes and delicate grace.
The slightest pulses of his hands to trace the much larger waves of music’s energy.
Pitch, dynamics, timbre; nuance and gradation; resolution—
As waves crash or ebb and flow, commensurately.

His right hand directs the melody, while the other imitates the tremulo of the strings,
With faintest tremors of fingers and flicking of wrist.
As a conductor, he conveys that less is more in this role,
a role so essential yet properly circumscribed,
as the real music is crafted not from him but from the musicians
as it pours forth from their instruments.

He intuits that he needs only to be a skillful beacon,
a lighthouse in the void of unfolding creation---
in the space and silence between the sounds that are made.