Monday, February 24, 2014

Bestiality in the Heartland: Abusing Cows in Idaho farms

    I recently read a petition from that spoke of the videotaped animal abuse of cows in  Idaho farms, including being dragged by tractors, whipped, and even sexually abused. Hello, did they really say sexually abused? As if being dragged from a tractor by one's neck is not enough? Somebody is so pathetic and vile that they violated a cow?

     I earnestly feel that anyone who has to resort to having sex with or molesting either animals or children should be summarily dispatched with one well placed bullet to the head, to show no tolerance for such grievous transgressions. It is not a merciful view, but an eminently practical one, for sexual abuse is one of the most soul damaging and unholy evils that exists, and needs to be routed from this Earth. The sexual abuse of the innocent such as children and animals is the most perfidious and intolerable of all.

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