Saturday, March 8, 2014

Panther ( appeared in April, 2011, Decanto Poetry Anthology)

by Catharine Otto

I see my panther lolling in moonlight...
On your gleaming back is the lunar sheen
Delineating your shoulders (muscles and bones), rolling..
In your iridescent eyes, greenish-white-gray, I see
A thoughtful cross between tenderness and hunger,
Keenly approaching me now.

I can't help but wonder
What you really seek?
Besides a home, all the familiar longings?  A dream, perhaps? In me?

Should I be afraid of all your perfect cat muscles, spy-like,
Advancing? Yet deep down I know
That you can never be more than a match for me--
Too much of a kindred spirit, nearly a twin--
Almost a brother.

Panther bones rolling
Glistening in a moonlight night
Only towards me.

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